Schedule An Appointment

-Using the Appointment Application
Upon selecting "Schedule An Appointment" you will be prompted to select a service. 

If you want a 30-minute phone consultation (free of charge) select "Initial Phone Consultation." If you want to book a 1-Hour session (Counseling or Consulting) select the appropriate type (office or travel). 

Once service is selected, no matter what service select "Our Office Location" (even if you want us to travel -we will coordinate travel once you are booked if applicable). It will then prompt you to select a day and time. 

Once you select a day and time it was ask for your personal information where we will be able to confirm the appointment, send applicable forms to be completed. 

-Via Call/Text/Email
If you contact us (call/text/email) we can schedule the appointment of your choice as long as that day and time slot are available. 

Make a Payment

There are a few ways you can make a payment. First, we will send you an invoice (via email) once you book your appointment via email. From there you will be able to make a secure payment through our appointment application. 

Another way to make a payment is below via PayPal. Once you select the day and time for your appointment you can make pay via PayPal by clicking the appropriate links below. Make sure you select the correct service before submitting payment. Once your payment is received we will credit it to your appointment day/time. 

Package rates will be invoiced. 

Individual Session (Office) - $75

Individual Session (Travel) - $100