Counseling for Minority Teen Boys in Tampa Bay.

Adolescent years are very unique and challenging for teenage boys. There are many changes taking place to include: puberty, growth spurts, an increasing appetite, and an excessive need for sleep. Other changes are happening as well —physically, mentally, emotionally, and socially.


The Need for Teen Counseling

Outside of the many changes teenage boys experience, they also experience a lot of pressure. Pressure both internally and externally with their own expectations and the expectations of others. If your teenage boy is having a tough time adjusting with the changes, and demands of young manhood, please schedule an appointment for him now. These are also some additional indicators on if your teen boy needs counseling:

  • If your teen is experiencing distress in any area of his life (home, school, work, relationships).

  • If he’s no longer interested in what use to interest him, and seems down or depressed.

  • If he experienced trauma, loss, or a transition of any kind, and needs help processing it.

  • If you suspect that he is struggling with self-confidence, finding himself, or developing his identity.

  • If he appears overly anxious, more aggressive, easily irritable, or is angered often.

Benefits of Teen Counseling

  • Provides a safe place to discuss private matters with a safe person he can trust. 

  • Creates an opportunity to talk about problems and concerns versus holding them in. 

  • Therapy can help teens learn skills to manage stress successfully — and that’s something that will serve them well throughout their lives.

  • Therapy can provide teens with support and give them skills that will help them navigate high school successfully.

  • Therapy can help boost a teen’s self-esteem, increase resilience, and reduce the impact the traumatic event has on a teen’s life. It can help teens sort out their feelings and make sense of any losses or adjustments. 



Why Choose Us?

To keep it short and sweet:

  • We are relatable, we meet you right were you are, and walk along side you.

  • We are not just educated, we’re experienced. We ourselves have been through some things, and can help navigate through the things you are going through.

  • We are down-to-earth, we don’t sugar coat — we keep it real.