Counseling for Minority Men

Simply put “Steel sharpens steel.”


The Need for Counseling

Stressed out? Misunderstood? Under a lot of pressure or angry?

Need someone to talk to about what you’re thinking or experiencing?

Who better to understand what you’re going through than a man?

Normally, men do not want to talk about their feelings, but this is entirely different. This is closed door, man-to-man, real talk, grown man conversation that is needed. Schedule an appointment today!

The Benefits of Counseling

There are many benefits in seeking professional help from a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, those benefits include:

  • Gives you a safe place and safe person you can trust. A trusted confidant to use as a resource (there are just some things you do not want to share with your family or friends).

  • Creates with it an outlet of expression versus holding things in, helps you to learn skills in order to manage stress successfully, and prevent it from managing you.

  • Answers to questions men frequently wrestle with (from someone who has had men's problems too).

  • Therapy helps you find tools that will exponentially improve your relationships.

Why Choose us?

  • We listen, we engage, and we relate.

  • We are experienced and educated — both in life and academically.

  • We are realistic with our expectations and therapeutic goals.