Delayed Not Denied


It’s all about timing, and waiting patiently is something that is extremely hard to do. We live in a world where everything seems to be readily available, and easily accessible. The moment we have to wait on something or someone longer than we anticipated our patience begins to grow thin. We become frustrated, irritated, doubtful, or distracted when we should be remaining positive, content, hopeful, or focused.

We find ourselves complaining more, compromising quality, taking shortcuts, relaxing our standards, lowering our guards, and going on rants. When we should be recalibrating our mental GPS, rebooting our systems, remembering our mission, redirecting our efforts, and revisiting our drawing boards.

This is not an easy task, but it is something that you have had experience with in the past. So, blow that dust off of your proverbial bookshelf as you retrieve what feels like ancient material, turn to the 'Book of Patience,' and dig in. Remember “delayed does not mean denied,” and “not now does not mean not ever, it just means not now.”
~The Creative Counselor

Eddie Rojas