Being Rather Than Doing


Sometimes we get so ‘caught up’ in completing tasks that we do not appreciate the miracle of being present. We become robots of duty to the daily grind moving more mechanical rather than being more manual. We are so focused on ‘doing’ we forget about ‘being,’ and life becomes a series of completed or uncompleted tasks. Your existence should never be reduced to how much you can accomplish in an allotted time, your existence is bigger than your checklist. 

Remember, if you placed a frog in boiling water (for whatever reason) it will sense the pain and jump out almost immediately, but if you placed it in water that was room-temperature it will swim around happily. As you gradually turn the water up to a boil, the frog will not sense the change and will be lured to its death. This fable can become our reality if we allow our purpose (the frog) to remain ‘caught up’ in the gradually increasing boiling water (doing rather than being).
~The Creative Counselor

Eddie Rojas