Be a River Not a Reservoir


Imagine your thought life as a river channel where ideas, creativity, logic, and reason freely flow as possibility towards the ocean of reality. If your channel is full of debris then your flow is disrupted. Furthermore if your channel is blocked then your river becomes a reservoir, and it will never reach the ocean where it can become a reality.

Our mental flow is disrupted in a number of ways and we can become preoccupied, distracted, counter-productive, or caught up in ‘busy’ work. If we continue to focus on activity instead of productivity then our goals, dreams, and aspirations will never know what it’s like to leave the station, the starting blocks, or the launch pad.

The challenge is in clearing the clutter, breaking up the blockage, distancing yourself from the distraction, and doing whatever you need to do to free up your mental flow. This is not an easy process, going against the grain is never easy, it is not free of pain, and it is often misunderstood by other people, therefore, it is a lonely process.

Your ambition is depending on you! 
~The Creative Counselor

Eddie Rojas