Your Past has Passed


Look ahead, and only occasionally look back. Looking back isn’t necessarily bad unless it begins to hinder forward progress. It can be good as a reference point, but not as a returning point.

Your past is in your past for a reason, so briefly give it a glance - only as a guide as you move forward in life. Your future is bigger than your past, and the present deserves your undivided attention. You do not want to miss an opportunity that may be time sensitive or avoid recognizing a potential threat because you are too busy reminiscing.

Rearview mirrors and side mirrors are good when referencing briefly, but they will become a huge problem when you stare into them for too long when your foot is still on the gas. So, as you press forward - toward your dreams, goals, and aspirations remember the past is for glimpsing not for gazing.

~The Creative Counselor