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There are some people in your life who are only there because of what you offer them. The moment you no longer offer what it is they want from you - you are no longer needed. These people pretend to be your friend, your supporter, your listener, or in some cases even your lover, however, they are only present for selfish reasons. It was never about who you are as a person, it has always been about how you make them feel when you are around.

There are many ways you can make them feel good in order for them to keep you around, but the moment you make them feel uncomfortable, that is when you become disposable. You can make them feel uncomfortable by reaching your goals, being comfortable in your own skin, challenging social norms, quitting bad habits, and conquering statistics.


People don’t want to be reminded of what they are doing wrong or what they aren’t doing right by watching you. In their opinion, your lifestyle should not be making them question theirs, but why not? If I am not helping to better you (directly or indirectly) then why am I in your life, and if you are not helping me to be better by the lifestyle you choose to live, then why are you in my life? That answer is shown not spoken. 

~The Creative Counselor

Eddie Rojas