Optimist Prime or Negatron?

Words give life. Words give death. One thing is certain, every single day we have the choice on what our words will be. Some words we utter build others up, other words we speak break others down.

Be that person who speaks life into a dead situation or that person who speaks light into a dark situation. It is not about being overly optimistic or even unrealistic, it is about controlling what comes out of our mouths, because what comes out of your mouths reflect what we have in our hearts.

So, do you want to be remembered as an Optimist (Optimus) Prime the life saving leader of the Autobots or Negatron (Megatron) the death dealing leader of the Decepticons? Both are Transformers, the question is what do you want your words to transform into, life or death?

~The Creative Counselor